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  • Apr, 26: 8:00pm Holy Trinity Choir Practice

  • Apr, 27: 8:45am Philokalia Study Group

  • Apr, 28: 9:30am Prayer Meeting

  • Apr, 29: 10:30am Solemn Choral Communion

  • May, 1: 6:00pm Student Bible Study Group

  • May, 2: 7:00pm Holy Communion (said)

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Annual General Meetings (Local Utrecht congregation and Chaplaincy) 2018

Following on from a 2016 contribution by Adrian Los and Peter Boswijk, this article aims to clarify how the Annual General Meetings work together for good in the governance and in the building up of God’s Kingdom in this place. Where and when is it? Local Annual Meeting for the congregation of Holy Trinity Church: Sunday 22nd April from 12:30-13:30 at Holy Trinity Church, Utrecht. All decisions we take at our Local Annual Meeting will…

Chaplain’s Letter

In the forty days before Easter, we remember when Jesus, just after his baptism, was driven by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness, to[...]