Upcoming Events

  • Oct, 23: 7:00pm Holy Communion (said)

  • Oct, 24: 8:00pm Holy Trinity Choir Practice

  • Oct, 27: 9:00am Communion Service (Dutch/English)

  • Oct, 27: 10:30am Choral Communion

  • Oct, 29: 6:00pm Student Bible Study

  • Oct, 30: 7:00pm Holy Communion (said)

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Maliebaanloop this Sunday

This Sunday sees the 35th annual Maliebaanloop take place. From 11.00 am onwards, there will be only one route in and a different route out of the neighbourhood in which our church stands. Reaching church will not be a problem. Leaving poses a slight challenge, as you will have to go around the north side of the Wilhelminapark to go towards the Berenkuil or the Stadionplein. The first map shows the routes. Click on it…

15 years of Mofish

July 2019 saw the 15th Mofish concert taking place in our Church. Mofish have had many band member face changes, with a strong core,[...]