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  • Jun, 24: 9:00am Communion Service (Dutch/English)

  • Jun, 24: 10:30am Choral Communion

  • Jun, 26: 6:00pm Student Bible Study Group

  • Jun, 26: 8:00pm Utrecht Bible Study Group

  • Jun, 27: 7:00pm Holy Communion (said)

  • Jun, 28: 8:00pm Holy Communion (said) The Feast of St Peter

  • Jun, 29: 8:45am Philokalia Study Group

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Chaplains’ AGM Addresses

This month, in place of the Chaplain’s Letter, we have the addresses that the chaplains gave at the AGM. This means that this page is very long. We start with the report on Groningen and then continue with Amersfoort, followed by Zwolle and ending with Utrecht. Chaplain’s Report on Groningen for Chaplaincy Annual Meeting 2018 The Reverend Sam Van Leer  ‘There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.’ (Ecclesiastes…