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  • Oct, 15: 6:00pm Student Bible Study

  • Oct, 16: 7:00pm Holy Communion (said)

  • Oct, 16: 7.30pm Growth Course in Utrecht

  • Oct, 17: 8:00pm Holy Trinity Choir Practice

  • Oct, 19: 7:30pm Prayer and Praise Service

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New Growth Course: The Road to Maturity. ( Mary Pytches)

An opportunity to grow in our faith and transformation into the image of Christ! The Holy Spirit is always at work to help us to bring about this transformation. But it is vital that we play our part too. God works wholeness in our lives and we have to work it out in our lives. As Christians we are all on the road to maturity but sometimes the journey is made harder by unresolved issues…

15 years of Mofish

July 2019 saw the 15th Mofish concert taking place in our Church. Mofish have had many band member face changes, with a strong core,[...]

Chaplain’s Letter

  What a beautiful thing to attend the baptism of a child. On September 1 we witnessed the baptism of Pauline Wolters. In her[...]