Bible Study in Lent continues

Faith, hope and love, this is the theme for the biblestudy in Lent in Utrecht on Tuesday evening.

It is a challenging theme that interacts with many facets of our daily life. The words are simple, faith, hope and love, but how to translate them into our daily life using the bible as the source. That what is all about. 

During lent there is every Tuesday evening at 8 PM a biblestudy except for holy week. You Are welcome in the flat, upstairs in the parsonage, Van Hogendorpstraat 126, Utrecht. The door is open at 7:45 PM. You are most welcome, even if you want to follow only one evening.

There are also regular biblestudies in Houten, in De Betuwe and for students. Details you will find on the website and on the back of the Sundaybulletin.