Bible Study Group

For some years we have held regular Bible Study groups. The subjects and approach differs from time to time. In Advent and Lent we concentrate on the preparation of the coming holy days. During the rest of the year we select either Bible books or items related to our Christian life.

Holy Trinity Church as an international community intends to offer with this ministry an open and welcoming place for permanent and temporary visitors from abroad and also for locals. Even after one year we got a very thankful e-mail from a former participant from South Korea.

Studying God's word together leads to a deeper understanding of the Lord Jesus, of our relationship with Him and His calling in our lives. Being active with faith, hope and love can very well be practised in the study group. It is fruitful both for our brothers and sisters as well for ourselves. It helps to grow in friendship. Meet your fellow Christians, in an open and loving brother- and sisterhood!

We meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays in the Parsonage hall. You are welcome from 19.45 and we start the study at 20.00. It ends latest at 2145.

If we have enough participants we can split in Home Study Groups. This is many times a good setting for the fostering of Christian fellowship and discipleship and especially for newcomers into the Church.

Please pray for a blessing on this ministry of the church. The enrolment list will be on the table in the hall. You may also enrol by sending an email to Hans Baars or contacting one of us or just join. If you enrol in advance with your e-mail address you will receive the materials approx. a week before the next meeting.

During summertime there will be a pause in the program, last Bible study will be Tuesday June 10

Danielle Los - 030 236 8572
Hans Baars,
The Bible Study Team

Study Tools

On the Web

If you are preparing a study or are studying Scripture at home, you might find it helpful to make use of some of the tools available on the web:
- - compares translations of various languages, including Dutch and English.
- - Has many, many commentaries, encyclopedias, concordances, books, and translations of the Bible available online, including interlinear versions of the Greek and Hebrew text.
- - Has the IVP New Testament Commentaries and a number of dictionaries. There are also numerous translations. The website also includes various versions of the Greek and Hebrew text; and a concordance for searching.
- - For more advanced study, the Christian Classics Library provides translations of Commentaries of Church Fathers, many other famous works by Christians in the 2000 year history of the Church, and a World Wide Study Bible.

Study Bibles

There are numerous paper Study Bibles for good prices available on the market. When studying the Bible it is good to have such an instrument aside or at home. You may bring any bible to the Bible Study. The following list of more recent study bibles is not exhaustive.
- The NLT Study Bible (2008). The NLT is a thought for thought translation, conveying the perceived meaning of the author; the Study Bible has been prepared by many scholars from various denominations; it includes also many word-studies and has thorough introductions.
- The ESV Study Bible (2008). The ESV is a word for word translation; the Study Bible has been prepared by renown evangelical scholars as J.I. Packer and J. Piper). It includes many articles on basic questions of faith, doctrine and ethics.
- The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible of the New Testament (2010) or the Navarre New Testament (2008) are something different. Most Study Bibles are protestant and evangelical. They pay a lot of attention to scientific questions, and little attention to the Church Tradition, Liturgy and Sacraments, to a mystical/allegorical interpretation of Scripture, and the early Church Fathers. These Study Bibles fill that gap by placing Scripture in the Church Community.
- Next to these general Study Bibles, numerous topical Study Bibles are published, such as the archeological Study Bible, the women Study Bible, etc.

Church Library

A number of commentaries are available on the web itself (see the websites); but we are working on creating a small library, including a commentary series which can be used in preparing and during Bible Studies. And you can always ask Fr. David for some help.