Charitable Giving

We also invite applications from groups (not individuals) who think they fall within our target range and where a small donation would be of benefit, possibly, for example, to sponsor a specific event. Nothing is promised but please feel free to contact us at

If you would like to make a contribution to the charitable giving fund the account is IBAN:

NL92 TRIO 0197723861 [t.n.v. Holy Trinity Church te Utrecht].
You can mention your name (unless you wish to remain anomymous) and if appropriate, a specific cause in the description (‘omschrijving’).

The Charitable Givings Committee is elected at the first meeting of the Chaplaincy Church Council after the Annual General Meeting. They are responsible for deciding on charitable projects to be supported by funding given in our Sunday blue bag offerings and set aside by the Council. This year the committee members are: Sheila Kooijman, Debby van Rotterdam, Gonny Eijkelenboom and Susan van der Werff.  This is their report:

Charitable Giving – AGM 2015 Report

Gonny, Debby, and Sheila

Every year we have a core of regular local charities and deserving causes further away that we support.  We try to keep an eye on how the money is actually spent so we require good feedback from an organization before considering further donations.  We prefer to give to causes where the amount we can give actually makes a difference rather than just being a drop in the ocean.  We are particularly keen on helping groups in which members of the congregation, past or present, are involved.

It is our policy not to build up a large bank account but just to keep a float of sufficient funds to be able to make immediate payments when there are urgent needs, for example, after a natural disaster.

By the time of our meeting in April we had accumulated enough offerings to make most of our regular annual contributions plus a couple of new ones.

Holy Trinity contributed €500 to each of the following organisations:

  • Schiphol Airport Ministry
  • OMDUW (helping homeless in Utrecht)
  • THD (Stichting Sensoor) a telephone helpdesk
  • Stiltecentrum (Hoog Catherijne Utrecht)
  • CU for International students, Utrecht
  • Bishop’s Lent Appeal (to support literacy for women in Afghanistan)
  • Kigama School breakfast club in Kenya
  • Stichting Zonnestraal – Eye hospital in Ghana
  • Quality Centre Vluchtelingvrouwen Utrecht
  • Noah’s Ark (helping orphan children in Uganda)

In June Alison and Grant Cooney held a concert in aid of Imibala (helping underprivileged children in South Africa) and we doubled the amount they collected.

In September we chose to support a few new causes and to make further donations to others we have supported in the past:

  • Missionaries of Charity (Zusters van Moeder Theresa)
  • Schaarlaken Koord (helping prostitutes in major Dutch cities)
  • Colibri – peuterzalen in Peru
  • ZOA in Sudan (helps displaced persons and refugees)
  • Mission for Seafarers-Vlissingen
  • Mission for Seafarers-Rotterdam
  • Gadra (education and training in Grahamstown, South Africa)
  • Kids in Sri Lanka

Occasionally we hold special collections (which are announced during the service). In this way we have supported education for Tibetan children in India through Maya’s adopted daughter, Pema and also Imibala and, in November there was the annual Poppy Appeal for the British Legion and also a special collection to assist in the fight against the ebola outbreak in Africa. In December we collected for the Bishop’s Advent Appeal which this year went to help the Lampadusa boat people.

We always chose a specific charity to support at our Christmas services and this year it was SNDV (Stichting Noodopvang Dakloze Vreemdelingen).

Please make our job easier by bringing deserving causes to our attention either by putting information in the blue box in the church porch or by talking to one of us.

Sheila, Debby, Gonny, and Susan