Children’s Choir

Children’s Choir  starts again at a new time!

Muriel Zwart, a member of the Holy Trinity Choir in Utrecht,began a children’s choir in 2016 in preparation for the Crèche service at Holy Trinity Utrecht last Christmas Eve.  At their first public appearance, 6 children were involved and since then 3 others have expressed an interest in becoming involved in future.

The children’s choir contributes regularly to our worship by singing a couple of songs at the All Age Worship service on the first Sundays of the month and leading worship at the Christmas Crèche service.

Muriel has rehearsals for the children’s choir at the Parsonage of Holy Trinity Church on Tuesday afternoon at 3:00 pm.

During the school holidays (Regio Midden!) there will be no rehearsal.

If your child, or you know of a child, who would be interested in this choir, please contact Muriel Zwart at or (06) 51 28 77 11. Pray for its success!