Church location: van Limburg Stirumplein, 3581 KE Utrecht, Netherlands

Church contact address: van Hogendorpstraat 26, 3581 KE Utrecht, Netherlands

Church Officials


David Phillips
The Revd. David Phillips
The Parsonage
van Hogendorpstraat 26
3581 KE Utrecht
Tel. 030 251 3424 or Cell. 06 124 104 31


Rosemarie Strengholt
Rosemarie Strengholt
Tel. 06 40247979

Adrian Los
Adrian Los (Acting Warden)
Tel. 030 236 85 72

Hanna Cremer Eindhoven
Hanna Cremer Eindhoven (Church Administrator)
Tel. 030 251 3424
In office: Thursday 10:00-14:00
Available for phone calls/ appointments Mon-Thurs 9:00-12:00

Church Council Members

Paul Kooijman (Treasurer)
Sandra Sue (Secretary)
Peter Boswijk
Patrick Elenbaas
Jonathon Fink-Jensen
Peter Gillies
Maryon Jagers
Sheila Kooijman
Edwin Mulder
Judith Riet
Debby v Rotterdam
Andrew Tucker

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Contributions can be made to the following bank accounts:
for the church
NL84INGB0000132950 (t.n.v. Holy Trinity Church te Utrecht)

for charitable giving
NL92TRIO0197723861 (t.n.v. Holy Trinity Anglican Church te Utrecht)

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