Many places in the New Testament show us that the preaching of Godís kingdom is bound up with healing and deliverance. Jesus both preached and healed (Matthew 4:23).
Jesus also commanded His followers to do everything He himself did.

At Holy Trinity Church Utrecht we offer a quarterly Healing Ministry during the 11:00 Eucharist Service. After the sermon we use a special Litany followed by a period of silence during which you have an opportunity to tell God what is troubling you and why you might like to receive His healing.

After the Litany any member of the congregation who would like to receive the ministry of Laying on of Hands and Anointing will be invited to come to the altar rail.

The Laying on of Hands is a Biblical gesture of blessing. When people lay their hands on us in the name of the Lord Jesus we will be blessed in a very real sense. How far this blessing will continue to work in us spiritually and/or physically we leave to Him in trust. The Lord knows far better than anyone (including ourselves) where and how we need healing.

It is also possible to receive the Laying on of Hands for a family member or friend who you feel would benefit from our Lordís blessing. The Laying on of Hands is accompanied by a short prayer.

If you wish, the Chaplain will also anoint you with oil (another ancient biblical symbol of blessing) and say a prayer for you. Anointing is a way of renewing your commitment to the Lord and receiving His blessing.

We welcome you to join future Healing Services at Holy Trinity Church which will be held at 11.00 a.m. on:

October 12 2014

January 11 2015

April 12 2015