The Mystical dimension of the Liturgy

On Friday October 13, the Christian Classics Study Group will explore the mystical dimension of the liturgy. We will look at questions such as, What is the deeper meaning of that which is celebrated in the liturgy? How does the liturgy symbolise and deepen our inner relationship with God? Starting point for our discussion will be selected texts from late medieval mystics of the Low Countries which address the relationship between the liturgy of the Church and what they describe as the ‘inner liturgy’ of the human person relating to God. More information and texts for discussion will be posted on the website. The evening begins, as usual, with supper at 6:30pm in the Parsonage Hall and the talk and discussion begins at 8pm. The evening will be led by Dr. Ineke Cornet, who completed a PhD on late medieval mysticism at the Catholic University of Leuven. Currently, she is a lecturer and supervisor for online courses of the Jesuit College of Spirituality in Melbourne, Australia