David Vollmer-Laarman

In early 1972 my parents  moved to Zeist in Holland, and brought my brothers, sister and me with them. Holy Trinity Church featured little in our lives at that time; we usually did go to midnight mass, but no more than that.

Later, when I was studying in Utrecht it featured more, but I did not become a regular until I had sung in two Gilbert and Sullivan productions. The connection with the church was that the Klein Opera Koor Wilhelminapark, with which I started my singing, practiced in the church. Singing turned out to be my way back to regular church worship. From the early eighties when my parents bought an LP of King’s College Choir, to now,  singing has never lost it’s importance.

As a singer in the choir of Holy Trinity Church it is with pleasure that I take up the post of Chaplaincy Administrator at Holy Trinity.  Having worked in day-care, call centres for two different banks (and how different they were!) and a number of more physically challenging temporary jobs, it is a privilege to work in a places which carries so much meaning. And of course, I welcome any excuse to speak English. It is my  aim to serve faithfully to the best of my ability .