During the 11.00 service on Sundays there is a separate program for children. Recently renamed Children's Trinity Club the aim of this Sunday School is to give the children a good time while telling them about Jesus and his love for them.

class with easter garden School begins at 11.00 in the parsonage and the children are brought into church after the Prayers of Intercession so that they can join their parents for communion. There are two groups of children every week - one group for 3 to 7 year olds and one for 8 to 11 year olds. There is also a teenagers group (12 years and older) which meets once a month - upstairs in the parsonage, at 11.00 on the second Sunday.
There is also a creche for younger children.
Usually there are 3 to 5 children per group but it has been known to have up to 20.

creche A team of 6 adults organise the Sunday School taking it in turns in pairs to teach.

All the teachers are bilingual so every child (whether English or Dutch speaking) will feel at home and the language used at any one time will reflect the needs of the children present.
Sunday School usually begins with all the children singing together and then the groups split up for a story and activity. Most children love the handicrafts and drawing.

On the first Sunday of each month there is all-age worship at 11.00 so the children go into church with their parents. There is a special talk aimed at a childs level and a song will often be sung which the children have practised previously in Sunday School.

Holy Trinity has a strict child safety policy. All adults working with the children are vetted.

Easter garden

Youth Ministry

At Holy Trinity we want to create a nurturing social environment where teenagers can meet their peers and grow in their special calling in life together. The youth group welcomes everyone from age 12 to 18, and meets at 11.00 on the second Sunday of the month for study and conversation in one of the parsonage rooms.