N.B. Extra services have been added and times changed - please see below for a full explanation

Please note: there will be no midweek holy communion on July 16th, 23rd or 30th and no Daily Offices from July 14th to August 1st because the Chaplain is on holiday.

For details of each type of service please see below

Services For November 2014

Date Day Time Service Celebrant Preacher
sat nov 1 All Saints Day 10:00 Sung HC (Dutch) David Phillips David Phillips
sat nov 1 Eve of All Souls' Day: Requiem HC 20:00 Said Communion -- Vacant --
sun nov 2 Trinity 20 09:00 1 Sung HC: All Souls' Day David Phillips David Phillips
sun nov 2 Trinity 20 11:00 1 All Age Worship HC: All Souls' Day David Phillips David Phillips
wed nov 5 Trinity 20 19:00 Said Communion David Phillips
sun nov 9 Trinity 21 09:00 2 Sung HC (Dutch-U) David Phillips David Phillips
sun nov 9 Trinity 21 11:00 2 Sung HC David Phillips David Phillips
sun nov 9 Trinity 21 14:30 2 Choral Evensong David Phillips David Phillips
wed nov 12 Trinity 21 19:00 Said Communion David Phillips
sat nov 15 eve of Trinity 22 19:30 Prayer & Praise (7:30PM) Thomas Fink-Jensen Jonathan Fink-Jensen
sun nov 16 Trinity 22 09:00 3 Sung HC (Dutch) Sam van Leer Sam van Leer
sun nov 16 Trinity 22 11:00 3 Choral HC Sam van Leer Sam van Leer
wed nov 19 Trinity 22 19:00 Said Communion David Phillips
sun nov 23 Christ the King 09:00 4 Sung HC (Dutch-A): Sunday next before Advent David Phillips Peter Boswijk
sun nov 23 Christ the King 11:00 4 Choral HC: Sunday next before Advent David Phillips Peter Boswijk
wed nov 26 Sunday next before Advent 19:00 Said Communion David Phillips
sun nov 30 Advent 1 09:00 5 Sung HC: Andrew the Apostle David Phillips Rik Florentinus
sun nov 30 Andrew Apostle 11:00 Sung Communion David Phillips Rik Florentinus

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For details of duty rotas link to Service Rota

Announcement from Chaplain & Council

Dear Friends in Christ,
Over the past years the attendance of our church has grown beyond it's physical capacity. In the first place this is reason to rejoice and be thankful. We do, however, have to act. To this end we are exploring both long-term as well as short-term solutions. Long-term solutions could be: The expansion of our church building, renting a different church, or the setting up a church plant in another area. All these solutions involve significant hurdles and consequences. Though we are still exploring these possibilities, the most viable short-term solution is to expand the number of services.


To this end, the Council first discussed the values we want to meet with our services. These are:
1. Maintaining the Identity of our Church We are an Anglican Church within the Diocese of Europe. We are an English speaking church, which is willing to branch out in Dutch. Our services are in the first place Eucharist-based. We want to provide for the broad spectrum of the Anglican community in both contemporary and traditional services.
2. Being Open and Welcoming We want to be open to all Dutch as well as English speakers and especially welcoming to people from all over the world visiting or staying in Utrecht, for whom English is a common language.
3. Unity and Community We want all visitors and regular worshippers to feel welcome, regardless of what service they attend. We want to foster unity within the church. We want to be a complete church offering worship, fellowship, discipleship for all ages, outreach ministry, pastoral care and social activities.
4. Maintaining our Building and Physical Safety We want to maintain the historical buildings we are endowed with and meet and worship in safety and comfort within them.
5. Making use of our Potential We want to be a church which keeps developing and growing and is open to change when this is valuable and a church which seizes mission opportunities.

New Service Set Up

Having agreed on these basic values, we have made decisions about changes to our Sunday worship setup. These changes will start, God willing, at the beginning ofSeptember. We plan to have two services every Sunday morning. The first at 9:00 am and the second at 11:00 am.
The 11:00 services will follow the same pattern during the month as the 10:45 services do now. All Age Worship on the first Sunday and Solemn Eucharist whenever there is a fifth Sunday.
At 9:00 am there will be both Dutch and English services. The current services on the 2nd and 4th Sunday came into existence long ago to better provide for the need of the catholic apostolic community, but they have always been 100 % Anglican services in form and substance. Still they have up till now been more or less separated from Holy Trinity Church. Because of the overlap of visitors between the 900 am and the 1030 services, we do not see reason to move these services to another time. Rather we think it better to draw these services into the greater awareness of all members of Holy Trinity and into day-to-day church life. This change will not affect the form in which the service is held. In addition to these 2 services, we will do the same service on the 3rd Sunday of the Month to extend the possibilities for those who want to worship in Dutch. We are thankful that the current assistants and organists at the 09:00 am services are happy to support this extra Dutch service.
We recognize this is a change both for those who have and who have not yet attended these services. These services are open to all who wish to attend, as our English language services are open to all and are increasingly being attended by members of the catholic apostolic communities. The added 9:00 am services on 1st and 5th Sundays of the month will be a contemporary English language Sung communion service and provide an alternative to the AAW and the Solemn Eucharist at 11:00.
We find providing the possibility for fellowship and coffee after a service very important. For reasons of time and space, we do not yet see the opportunity to do so after the 0900 am service. We will continue to reflect on how this might be possible in the future.

New Worship initiatives

We recognize that there are many different wishes within the congregation for forms of worship and that we cannot meet every person's ideal. Nevertheless we do want to experiment with other forms of contemporary worship music. We will do this both in an extra monthly evening service at 7:30pm on the eve of the third Sunday of the month, which has already started in October, and at the 11:00 Eucharist on the 1st Sunday of the Month, as you have seen today. Our purpose with this initiative is to expand the range of contemporary services.
We understand that each person has a particular favorite service to attend at present. As part of our hope to foster greater unity within the church, we would encourage everyone to consider going occasionally to a service they are not normally present at - both to come to appreciate something of the breadth of worship that happens at Holy Trinity and to meet and develop friendships with people beyond your current circle.
These changes are planned for at least 6 months after which they will be evaluated and tweaked or changed if deemed necessary. If you have any thoughts and ideas in the course of the coming months, you can send us your input by email to our Church Secretary, Peter Boswijk, at
That leaves one practical issue. All this work cannot be done without your help and support, not only in faithful giving, but also in your time and energy. We need extra help in the crèche at both services, for the Coffee, for the Altar Guild, for Bible studies, for social events, and for many other things. So we would like to bring to your consideration where the Lord is calling you to give your talents.

Sunday Services:

Sunday Services:
1st Sunday 2nd Sunday 3rd Sunday 4th Sunday 5th Sunday
0900 Sung HC (Cont./ENG) Sung HC (Trad./Bilingual) Sung HC (Trad./Bilingual) Sung HC (Trad/Bilingual) Sung HC (Cont./ENG)
1100 AAW - HC (Cont/ENG) Sung HC (Cont/ENG) Choral HC (Cont/ENG) Choral HC (Cont/ENG) Solemn HC (Trad/ENG)
Afternoon Zwolle Sung HC (16.00) Choral Evensong (14.30) Zwolle Evensong (16.00)
Saturday Evening Prayer and Praise (19.30)

These changes will mean an adjustment for many. We hope it can be seen in its positive light - we are growing as a Church, the Lord is blessing us mightily at Holy Trinity! To Him be the Glory.
Your Chaplain and Council

Morning Prayer is said in Holy Trinity Church: Tuesday to Friday at 8am; Saturday at 9am

Evening Prayer is said in Holy Trinity Church: Tuesday to Saturday at 5:30pm; Saturday at 5pm

There is a mid-week Holy Communion service at 7pm on Wednesdays

During every 10.45 service there is a creche in the parsonage for the under 2's. The first Sunday of every month at 10.45 is an all age service in which children are encouraged to participate. Other Sundays there is Sunday School in the parsonage. The children are brought into church before communion.

A Teenagers Group (12 years and older) meets once a month - upstairs in the parsonage, at 10.45 on the second Sunday.

Please note: there is no Sunday School or creche in July and August.

Pastoral Care

People who regularly attend church services at Holy Trinity and have put down their name and address on our contact list are assigned a local contact. If for some reason you are in need of pastoral care, please turn to your local contact, who, depending on your needs, will either lend you a willing ear or put you through to Father David or to Harry Barrowclough, who is our lay pastoral worker. Our local contacts can often be found at coffee after church and are:
Nicky de Bie (East), Gillie de Haas (South), Kim van der Kaaij-Ong (City East), Sandra Sue (City North and Central plus North).
If you need a priest and do not have a local contact or have not visited Holy Trinity regularly, please phone the parsonage (030-2513424).

Weekly Communion Service on Sunday 11:00.

The weekly worship of the Christian congregation goes by many names: the Lord's Supper, the Divine Liturgy, the Mass, the Holy Mysteries, the Eucharist or simply Communion. They are all aspects of the Feast Jesus instituted on the night before he died, when he told his followers to "do this in remembrance of me." And so at Holy Trinity we all come together every Sunday for this great celebration. The congregation actively participates in the words and actions of the service, and assists in the readings and prayers. The unity of the liturgy is preserved by the celebrant, who presides over the whole service. In this way the whole congregation is made one worshipping community in union with her Lord.
Thus the Eucharist connects all our worship. But we are a diverse community with many backgrounds, so we celebrate it in different ways.
- On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday of the month we have a Sung Eucharist, and use the Order One Service as provided in Common Worship, our Prayer Book. This is a regular Eucharist service.
- On the 1st Sunday of the month we have an All Age Worship Service with Holy Communion, and we use a short and expressive form. Piano, violin, flute, cello and other instruments combine to enrich our music. The sermon is usually in the form of a short Talk. And we sing for everybody who had a birthday during the previous month!
- On the 5th Sunday of the month we have a Solemn Eucharist, and we use the more formal form of the Order One Service. Traditional language and incense are used.
We want everyone to feel welcome and able to worship the Lord with us at Holy Trinity Church, especially when we celebrate the Eucharist. This is a house of prayer for all people. We welcome all baptized persons who are communicant members of other Churches which subscribe to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and who are in good standing in their own Church to receive the Sacrament.

Monthly Choral Evensong at 14:30

The pattern of Christian daily prayer can be traced back to the Jews in the time of Jesus. From earliest times, Christians gathered at regular hours during each day and night to hear God's word, and respond with praise and prayer. The services of Morning and Evening Prayer help Christians of our own day to take part in this.
As a small parish church we are not able to offer these services regularly. We do, however, strive to incorporate them in our Church life. Therefore, on the 2nd Sunday of the month (except for July and August) we come together for Choral Evensong, Evening Prayer sung by the Choir. The Choir leads in the praises, singing the psalm, the Magnificat, the Nunc Dimittis and an anthem. The congregation joins in singing a number of hymns.

Quarterly Healing Service

At Holy Trinity we offer a quarterly Healing Ministry during the Eucharist (though a private visit by the chaplain is also possible). After the sermon, a special litany is said, followed by a period of silence, during which there is an opportunity to tell God what is troubling you and in respect of what you would like to receive His healing. After the litany any member of the congregation who would like to receive the ministry of the laying on of hands and anointing will be invited to come to the altar rail.

Feasts and Festivals

In our worship services we follow the Church's Year. This means the readings, prayers and hymns fit the season or the day. The year is structured in such a way as to lead the worshipper through the life of Christ and the Church. At Holy Trinity we of course celebrate Christmas, Easter and Pentecost. But there are a number of other special services.
During the Christmas season there is a Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols on the last Sunday of Advent at 20:00. On Christmas Eve there is a crib service for the children at 17:00, and a Midnight Mass at 23:00. There is also a special evening service at 20:00 on Epiphany (6th January) and the Presentation in the Temple (2nd of February).
During the Easter cycle we have a special service at the start of the Lenten period on Ash Wednesday at 20:00. During Holy Week there are prayer services on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 20:00. On Maundy Thursday there is a special Eucharist and washing of the feet at 20:00. On Good Friday there is a service of hymns and meditations at 12:00, and a choral liturgy at 20:00.
On Ascension Day there is a special Eucharist at 10:30. And on Corpus Christi and All Saints there is a special Eucharist at 20:00.