Restoration of the Windows is Complete

West Window

Thank you to everyone who helped get the church windows restored; and there were many who helped through their donations and fund raising activities. Back in June 2008 we appealed for 50,000 euros to restore the West Window. Not only was this achieved in 2009 but we were then able to go on to restore the four windows in the sanctuary in 2010 and then finally the four windows in the nave this year, the work being completed just before Christmas. Here is a short overview of the finances involved in restoring the church windows.
The total cost for all the windows was 230,000 euros. This was paid for with 70,000 euros in special donations from you, 60,000 euros in subsidy and 95,000 euros from the church funds.
Thank you, for all your donations.

The pictures in the stained glass windows illustrate important moments in the life of Christ, following the church seasons and main festivals from Christmas to Ascension. In this way the windows reflect the Word and Sacraments of this church's worship.
The windows were all designed by one artist, Henry Thomas Bosdet, from the Channel Island of Jersey. The windows were commissioned between 1913 and 1925 as memorials and thank-offerings by the Twiss and Bingham families and other founder members of this church. Henry Bosdet was a famous stained-glass artist of the time and a cousin of Mrs Twiss.

Hovering your mouse over a red area on the plan of the church below will show you a picture of the relevant stained-glass window. Clicking will open a separate window with higher resolution photos and more information.

Plan of Church

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