Student Alpha

Holy Trinity Anglican Church has hosted an Alpha course six times over the past four years. The course consists of seven evenings and a weekend (see below for talks and dates). We have supper together beginning at 6:30pm, then listen to a 30 minute talk about some core aspect of the Christian faith and we follow that with an open discussion where all questions and thoughts are welcome. The expectation is to wrap up each night around 9pm, after which you are free to stay for a drink.

Alpha Weekend March 2016
Our Alpha Weekend last year in a very charming farm in Friesland

Location: Van Hogendorpstraat 26 Utrecht, Parsonage Holy Trinity Church.

What is Student Alpha?
Student Alpha is a seven week course introducing people to the Christian faith. Over the last ten years Student Alpha has proved to be one of the best tools for adults to explore the Christian faith, with over 600 courses now running worldwide. Its simple format contains the same material as ‘classic’ Alpha, except that it’s been ‘squeezed’ (into seven weeks), ‘squashed’ (into thirty minute talks) and ‘spiced’ (with multi-media ingredients).

The subjects and dates for each of the 8 weeks are as follows:

  • 12 September  – Free informal drink
  • 19 September – Talk 1: Who is Jesus?
  • 26 September – Talk 2: Why did Jesus die?
  • 3 October – Talk 3: How can I have faith?
  • 10 October  – Talk 4: Why and how should I pray?
  • 17 October – Talk 5: Why and how should I read the Bible?
  • 20-22 October – Alpha weekend on the Holy Spirit and Gods guidance (Talk 6, 7 and 8)
  • 24 October – Talk 9: What about evil and does God heal today?
  • 31 October – Talk 10: What about the Church and telling others?

Contact Erik Heemskerk for more information or if you would like to attend. All students are most welcome!

For more information and a video on Alpha click here.