‘Thy Kingdom Come’ (May 10th to 20th)

This article was written by the Rev Grant Crowe, Amersfoort chaplain

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is inviting Christians around the world to pray as one for people to know Jesus Christ. These days of prayer between Ascension and Pentecost, have been given the name ”Thy Kingdom Come.” It has grown from the Church of England into a prayer movement across the globe, including not only other parts of the Anglican Communion, but also other denominations and traditions.

It invites Christians around the world to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for more people to come to know the transformational love of Jesus Christ. The hope, is that, as they pray, people will be empowered by the Holy Spirit, finding new confidence to be witnesses for Jesus Christ.

Thy Kingdom Come offers something for everyone through a fantastic range of resources and ideas – for example, there are many resources now provided, free, online, for example, enabling people to pray individually or with others, during those days, or to to receive themed reflection during the 10 days. And there are more possibilities how to use these ten days prayerfully! The website www.thykingdomcome.global hold these resources. Explore away and download what you need.

On Youtube,there have been a series of inspiring videos uploaded…


To finish. The Methodist Church in the United Kingdom have suggested some prayers and topics we can pray or use in these days…

A Set of Prayers which can be prayed… 

Liberating God,
we give thanks for that amazing assurance of your
love that comes to each one of us. May we always rejoice in your mercy and grace;
your kingdom come. Your will be done.

Redeeming God,
your mercy is immense and free. May we know
in our hearts the freedom from sin that comes to us in the saving
work of Christ, who died for all;
your kingdom come. Your will be done.

Gracious God,
as you have redeemed us, so, by the power of your Spirit at work in us, may we proclaim your glorious name in all
places, that the world might both taste and see the riches of your
your kingdom come. Your will be done.

Saving God,
in your Son you call us into a new Covenant with you.
May we, by your divine grace, put ourselves aside and seek to
glorify you in all we say and do;
your kingdom come. Your will be done.

Incarnate God,
in Jesus we see your Word made flesh. Stamp your
image on our faces and hearts, that in all things we may show your
love and that our actions may be proof that we belong to you;
your kingdom come. Your will be done.

Calling God,
you raised up your people to proclaim and witness to the gospel of faith in Christ. Pour out the Spirit of your love on
your Church to revive us in our calling as your servants in this age;
your kingdom come. Your will be done.

Welcoming God,
you call all humankind to the feast of your gospel.
We pray for those who have not heard, who do not know, or who
resist the power of your love;
your kingdom come. Your will be done.

Almighty God,
may your love fire the nations, that all might catch
the flame, that your kingdom may be known throughout the world;
your kingdom come. Your will be done.

Loving God,
in all things may we be attentive to your word, relying
on your grace and the power of your Spirit at work in us;
your kingdom come. Your will be done.


Pointers for Prayer during these ten days. 

  • Pray for the Church throughout the Netherlands– that the Spirit will revive and refresh the Church in every part;
  • Pray for the congregation which you attend, and for the others churches in your town / city – that you and they may be waiting attentively for the ways God is speaking through the Spirit;
  • Pray for those who come to your congregation, and for those on the fringes – that they may have an assurance of God’s love and know that they are saved through Christ;
  • Pray for those who are in leadership in the Church – that they may be strengthened and upheld in their ministries;
  • Pray for those who you know who do not know of God’s love – for friends or family, for neighbours or colleagues, that God’s Spirit may fill their hearts;
  • Pray for the Kingdom of God – that it may break through in us and among us, that the earth may be filled with the glory of God;
  • Pray for yourself – that God’s Spirit will speak in your heart, that you may be bold to proclaim the gospel in your words and actions.

And a final prayer we can use…

Loving Jesus,
let us step out with you in faith;
grant us understanding to know what we need to do,
grant us courage to go where we are needed,
grant us strength to face our difficulties,
grant us determination to overcome our disappointments,
grant us wisdom to serve you well.
Lord Jesus, let us step out with you in faith,
so that your light shines far beyond our way,
bringing your truth to many.


Revd Grant Crowe