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  • Nov, 25: 7.00pm Holy Communion (said) CANCELLED

  • Nov, 26: 11.00am Holy Communion (said) CANCELLED

  • Nov, 26: 8.00pm Holy Trinity Choir Practice

  • Nov, 29: 10.30am Solemn Holy Communion Live Stream and by invitation

  • Dec, 2: 7.00pm Holy Communion (said)

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Godly Play

‘Godly Play’ is a very specific way of telling religious or Bible stories to children and adults. In Godly Play the text of the story is reduced to a bare minimum – leaving a lot of room for the individual imagination of the listener – and visuals are used to support the story. Madeleine de Boer is our Godly Play Story teller: “When watching and listening to a Godly Play story/parable, it feels like entering…

AGM Reports & Elections

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 25 October by Zoom because of the restrictions on gatherings of more than 30 people and[...]


 The Chaplaincy Electoral Roll was renewed in 2019 so this year only new members need to fill in forms. All church members are allowed[...]