Upcoming Events

  • Nov, 14: 8:00pm Holy Trinity Choir Practice

  • Nov, 16: 7:30pm Prayer and Praise Service

  • Nov, 17: 10.00am Sunday Teen Group WWJD

  • Nov, 17: 10:30am Choral Communion

  • Nov, 20: 7:00pm Holy Communion (said)

  • Nov, 20: 7.30pm Growth Course in Utrecht

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Heavenly Avarice: The Theology of Prayer

This is an extract from a paper by the Rev Dr Robert Crouse. All human desire, all human longing and aspiration, expressed in a thousand different forms, at a thousand different levels, is ultimately desire for God. Dante makes that point lucidly in the Convivio: Therefore, I say that not only in the gaining of knowledge and wealth, but in any acquisition whatever, human desire reaches out, in one way or another. And the reason…

Chaplain’s Letter

This month we have not one, but two Chaplain’s Letters! This first one is written by the Rev. Grant Crowe, Amersfoort chaplain This month[...]

Charitable Giving for November

Tikani in Peru Tikani is a Peruvian development organization specializing in social development projects aimed at the weakest in society. Debby v Rotterdam’s brother[...]

New Acting Warden

With Suzette Fink-Jensen so seriously ill, Frank needs to lay down his duties temporarily as our Church Warden to attend to her.  At the[...]