15 years of Mofish

July 2019 saw the 15th Mofish concert taking place in our Church. Mofish have had many band member face changes, with a strong core, Grant Cooney and John Lamborne at the heart and a sublime Nicolene on vocals/flute. We remember John de Wit as being instrumental (a cello player himself) in keeping the Mofish flame burning. Mofish held a concert in his memory for HART UK in 2018. Concerts focussed over the years on supporting charity. One, Imibala, has touched us frequently and dearly. Grant and I know the former Art Director Leo van Straten, a close friend, for many years. We visited Imibala and were struck by their dedication.

By the by we have seen Joost & Rachel Los– singing Johnny Cash, Bas de Bolster with the Barbershop Quartet, The Tango Ensemble, Alice Heeley on Celtic Harp and GM Divas – Dutch champions 3 years in a row, among others pass the review. Something unique this year Grofbesnaard : Mijnke van der Drift (violin) and Joost van Dongen (cello). For a listen click here . Truly special. We hope to hear more!
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In brief. The Imibala Trust is a charity providing scholarships, uniforms and supplementary educational training to children in financial need. The Imibala Restaurant and Arts (Pty) Ltd is a company that runs a restaurant and gallery. The company’s activities are separate from the activities conducted by the Imibala Trust. The company restaurant and gallery support the charitable activities of the Imibala Trust by donating funds from time to time and by hosting events for the charity. More information can be found on the internet: www.imibala.com. Imibala is situated in Somerset West, the Cape, South Africa.

This year Mofish and Holy Trinity Utrecht received the following response from Imibala:

Dear Beth, Alison, Grant, MoFish and all at Holy Trinity Utrecht 

Thank you so much for the wonderfully generous donation of R 14 103.70 that reflected in our bank account on Thursday last week. We have a Music class of 17 learners who are receiving Recorder lessons. This class lost its sponsor at the beginning of this year. May we use your money to support it. A student from the University of Stellenbosch travels to the school once a week. The cost of this class is R11 500. 

We would like to allocate your donation to this class and use the balance of R2 603.70 to operational costs of the programme. I trust this is acceptable to you. 

We will gladly send you photos of the class in action and maybe even at the end of the year when they have their end of year party, a small video. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Kind Regards, Mariette de Villiers 

External and donor relations 


Looking forward to the video. Sharing music is special. Mofish, under the roof of the Holy Trinity Church Utrecht, thank all support, family, friends who enjoy music and fellowship. Debby Los and her helper thank-you for fun introductions and Harry Barrowclough for his from previous concerts! Come on next year – we would love to see you there too!

Written by: Alison Cooney


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