Posts from September 2016

Utrecht Chaplain – Armenia and Georgia

I write about my trip to Armenia and Georgia because it was a pilgrimage for me. Armenia and Georgia are the first two countries in the world to have become officially Christian, Armenia in 301AD and Georgia in 327AD. My hope was to learn about and be inspired by those who first brought the faith to that land and to understand the history of their Church and visit the holy sites.

Healing in His Wings!

This article has be sent in by Nicky de Bie who shares with us something of her journey over the past two years. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I would so like to share with you a miracle of healing which happened to me. Just two years I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins (lymfeklierkanker) – it was the second week of June. I didn’t suspect I was ill until I noticed some hardened glands in…