The 2017 Utrecht Lectures: Why did God become man?

Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Utrecht is hosting a self-supporting annual seminar bringing in lecturers from around the world to enliven and deepen our theological discussion.  This September we will host the first of these seminars.  We are grateful to Fr Jos Strengholt who had the idea and is bringing this new initiative about!

This year New Testament Scholar Dr Crispin Fletcher-Louis will be visiting the Netherlands in September and will offer a 2-day seminar on ‘Why did God become man?’, Friday 22 September 10-5pm and Saturday 23 September 10-5pm, both at Holy Trinity Utrecht. 

The teaching and discussion will be anchored in foundational Old Testament texts (especially Genesis 1) and the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ ministry (esp. Mark 1–8) and address these questions: What does it mean to be human?  Why did God become a man, in Jesus of Nazareth?  What difference does it make to our humanity that God became a human being?  The material will be informed by some of the latest research on the meaning of biblical texts in their original first century Jewish and ancient Israelite contexts.  It will also be oriented to the practical realities of our lives and spirituality (in the workplace, in our families, in our church communities and the public square).

There is space for 25 participants. Snacks, coffee / tea and lunch are included, as well as all study handouts.  All-in 50 Euro per person for both days together.

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About the Author

Crispin Fletcher-Louis (D.Phil, Oxford) is the Director of Whymanity Research and Training. He has held posts at King’s College London, and the universities of Durham and Nottingham.  He was the founder of Westminster Theological Centre, where he served as the Principal until 2012.

See more on his website, including a summary of the argument of his book: