Posts from March 2021

Chaplain’s Report to AGM 2021

Beloved in Christ of Utrecht, Zwolle and Groningen, As human beings we desire first and foremost – communion – communion with God, communion with one another and a certain communion with God’s Creation.  Everything we do in our churches is to help in the reestablishing of communion on these levels – it undoes the loneliness and alienation we feel at the deepest level of our hearts and recalls us to our true purpose.  In communion…

Survey Results of Holy Trinity Chaplaincy December 2020

In November/December of 2020 we took a survey of members of the congregations in Utrecht and Zwolle. Requests were sent out to about 150 people on our email list and we had responses from 64 individuals, sometimes responding on behalf of their family. We did this to understand better, during the corona pandemic, how people were thinking about worship, spiritual health, pastoral care, education and opportunities for fellowship. Below are the results of the survey.…

Easter Garden

Every year the Sunday school children used to making an Easter garden.Because this is not possible now we invite you to make one for yourself. Accept the challenge whether you are a child or an adult! You can also use this PDF of the video to help you with making your garden.