A Year Offering Service and Praise! Holy Trinity Choir

Choir 150914Our church relies on so many people who give freely of their time to bring the core message of Christian faith to as many as possible. We forget sometimes that there are actually only three who are paid to do this, so the added value of all who contribute so willingly is immeasurable. However, it is unusual for an unsolicited mail to arrive about our Choir at Holy Trinity, still less with such kindness and regard. An extract of this mail is shown below:

“My Heartfelt thanks for all your hard work throughout the past year. By hard work I mean the offers that had to be made for regular rehearsals and weekly appearances on Sunday mornings at Church Services. Not to mention the other special functions where you so readily take part. It is not easy when one also has a family. I admire and respect the Steadfastness and Faithfull attendance in order to bring Joy and Inspiration to the hearts of the Congregation, some of whom may, for all we know, be sitting there with heavy hearts and just listening to the choir giving their all, would ease the heaviness they feel. I’m sure there are many members of the Congregation who feel the same as I do.”

Some of you may have experienced the full programme of the Christmas and Epiphany services and the singing that went with it but perhaps you did not appreciate the amount of shear hard work that goes into making this music happen. Now don’t misunderstand this; we love to sing and always have before us that it is to a glory greater than just our own pleasure and we certainly do not have a monopoly on giving time and effort in church. Just gaze on the beautiful floral decorations, the cleaning, stewardship and warmth that is evident. I understand that the Anglican musical tradition we do our best to uphold at Holy Trinity is not always to everyone’s taste, but it is special in our worship. With the period of Lent and Easter approaching, this will be even more evident.

We are few in number in the Choir, and would dearly love others to join us, both as an uplifting experience and to lighten the load a little. With a full year ahead in our worship and praise, you be would be valued. We are all amateurs, learning together and from each other, usually in good humour! It’s not just for oldies either, some of us started at a very tender age; I reflected at yesterday’s Choral Evensong that it was the 61st anniversary of my first one as a treble!

So in this year ahead, when are looking at so many changes, challenges and opportunities in the regeneration and growth of Holy Trinity and the establishment of All Saints in Amersfoort, come and join us at our weekly rehearsals on Thursdays, 8pm in the Hall. You’ll get a real welcome and maybe hit some high notes!