AGM and the Electoral Roll

Our AGM takes place on Sunday 16 April at 1pm in the church. We review our past year receiving reports for all church activities, approve the accounts and look forward to the year ahead, by electing or appointing those who will take up various leadership roles and agree the budget. It’s an important stage in our church life for the next year.

  • First, in revising our Electoral Roll membership, we add those who want to join and remove those who are no longer members. The Roll is important, as it allows you to vote on matters on church life and is used also by our Diocese to rate our contributions and membership of various synods and groups.
    To join, please download our electoral roll form here and send it digitally to our Electoral Roll officer by clicking here.
    Alternatively you can hand in a printed copy to the office in the parsonage at Van Hogendorpstraat 26. Please mark the envelop clearly as containing a form for the Electoral Roll.
    It would also be helpful if you could tell us if you wish your name to be removed from the current Roll, or if you are aware that someone else should be removed. Just send an e-mail to the office as well.

The other business for the meeting is to elect or appoint members to the following positions:

  • Churchwardens – 2 for (1yr term)
  • Council members – 8 for Utrecht; 1 for Zwolle; 1 for Groningen (1yr term)
  • Archdeaconry Synod – 3 (3yr term)
  • Charitable Giving Committee – 4 (1yr term)
  • Appoint the Leadership Teams in Zwolle and Groningen

You can find the forms for applying for these positions here.

These roles form a vital part in our church life, and so if you would like to talk about any of them, please ask one of the Churchwardens, or speak to the Chaplain. 

All proposal forms for the positions must be received at least 8 days before the AGM and the forms will be available in church, or through the office, from next week. 

Overall, I, Simon Urquhart will be leading the AGM preparations, so you can talk to me, or e-mail me with any questions.

Please consider all these things with prayer and thought and whether you feel able to stand for a role, as we go forward to another year.