AGM Reports & Elections

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 25 October by Zoom because of the restrictions on gatherings of more than 30 people and to help the Government’s efforts to minimize the transmission of the corona virus. The meeting had around 35 participants at the maximum and lasted for just over two hours.

If you are interested in following up on the presentations given at the AGM, you can download the reports here:

The Chaplain’s Report 2019 and to the present – ppt

Click here for a pdf document including the following reports:
❖ Churchwardens’ Report and update since Covid
❖ Archdeaconry Synod Report
❖ Ecumenical Report
❖ Anglican Church Zwolle
❖ Building Maintenance Committee Report
❖ Bible Studies Report
❖ Student Ministry Report
❖ Young Persons’ and Children’s Ministry Report
❖ Music Ministry Report

The Charitable Givings Report 2019

All positions for Wardens, Council, Archdeaconry Synod Representatives, and Leadership Teams were affirmed in uncontested elections. Here is the list of those elected:

Churchwardens: (2) (until the next AGM)
Frank Fink-Jensen; Adrian Los.

Lay council members: (8) (until the next AGM)
Kit de Bolster-Diggs; Anne Gast-Noordegraaf; Juliette Gentenaar; Beth Houdijk; Judy Miller; Jegan Masanam; Marieke Sybrandi; Niels Tacoma.

Election of Archdeaconry Representatives: (3) (3yr term)
Adrian Los; Sandra Sue; Simon Urquhart.

Groningen Leadership Team: Josue Almansa, Debora Kramer, Maaike Kroese, Maike Jansen, Caroline Ottink, Dragos Stefanescu, the Rev Sam Van Leer.

Zwolle Leadership Team: Anne van der Belt, Cecilia Kopenrade, Adriaan Letoit, the Rev David Phillips, the Rev Grant Crowe.