Transparency Requirements


  1. (a) Official Name:  Holy Trinity Church Utrecht
    (b) Unofficial names: Holy Trinity Anglican Church Utrecht, Holy Trinity Utrecht Chaplaincy;  Anglican Church Zwolle; Grace Church Groningen.
  1. Constitutional position:

Church in the Archdeaconry of North West Europe/Anglicaanse Kerk in Nederland (see  It is governed by the Ecclesiastical Law of the Church of England (see and the Constitution and Rules of the Diocese in Europe (see

  1. RSIN: 813824345
    Kamer van Koophandel: KvK 59764864

  2. URL/website addresses:

  1. Contact Information:

E-mail address:
Telephone numbers:
Chaplaincy Administrator: 06 285 529 53
Chaplain:  Currently not available

  1. Visiting address: Van Limburg Stirumplein, 3581 KE, Utrecht

  1. Postal address: Van Hogendorpstraat 26, 3581 KE, Utrecht

  1. Church officers:

1 Chair, 1 Chaplain (Utrecht), 1 Chaplain (Amersfoort), 1 Associate Chaplain (Groningen),  2 churchwardens, 1 Secretary, 1 Treasurer, 4 Archdeaconry Representatives, and 10 further Councilors.

  1. Salaries policy:

The church shall have such stipendiary clergy and other ministers as is agreed between the Bishop and the church council. Their stipends shall be determined in accordance with or on the basis of stipulations made by, on behalf or with the concurrence of the Bishop. Neither stipendiary or salaried staff, nor volunteer officers or council members, will receive any remuneration or other financial compensation, however named, in respect of their work in governing the church; and such activities shall not be deemed to establish any claim to tax exemption or tax-exempt payments. Exceptional expenses may be compensated financially only to the maximum nominal amount.


  1. Policy plan:

The national policy plan is to be found at the website of the Archdeaconry ; the local policy follows here:

Holy Trinity Chaplaincy is a welcoming community of Christians brought together by a shared love of Jesus with lively worship, Christian discipleship, friendly fellowship, and a desire to bring the love of God to others.

The Chaplaincy may have paid staff and other workers, and also may compensate volunteer workers for their activities to the maximum allowable annual amount.

  1. Objectives

Our objective is to worship God, to administer the Sacraments, and to proclaim the Gospel, the Good News, to the world both by word and by actions of loving kindness both as individuals within the church and in supporting charitable works as a church locally and around the world.  Our ministry includes the development of disciples of Jesus Christ through teaching and prayer  and the pastoral care of those in special need in our congregations.   Our church websites (see 4 above) identify in greater detail the various activities that support our objectives.

  1. Activities report

Anglican Church Zwolle

Grace Church Groningen