Announcement of Annual General Meeting 2016

AdrianLosAdrian Los, one of our wardens, and Peter PeterBoswijkBoswijk, our deputy warden, have provided this contribution to clarify about the Annual General Meeting and how it all works together for good in the governance and in the building up of God’s Kingdom in this place.



Where and when is it?

Saturday 23 April from 15:30-16:30 at Heilige Geest Kerk, Mozartweg 55 Amersfoort.

What is it?

The AGM 2016 is the official yearly meeting of all persons connected to the church.

What do we do?

  • The Chaplains will set out their vision for next year.
  • The Wardens and leaders of ministries will report on their activities and plans.
  • We will discuss and pass the financial accounts and budget.
  • We will elect the Wardens, Council Members and Charitable Giving Committee for 2016-2017.
  • We will appoint the leadership team for All Saints

 Who is it for?

The AGM is for all people on the Electoral Roll and everyone who feels connected to Holy Trinity Utrecht, All Saints Amersfoort, Anglican Church Zwolle or Grace Church Groningen.

Why should I come?

Lots of reasons: Show your support for the work in our church! Become connected to people you haven’t met! Hear about things you didn’t know where going on! Vote for your representatives!

When am I eligible to vote?

To be able to vote you have to be on the electoral roll of the church. If you are not on the roll and you want to be, you can register by filling in the electoral form if you have been a regular attender for 6 months. Our Electoral Roll Officer, Sheilla Kooijman will be happy to inform you about the process. You can contact her at

Can I stand for any office?

Yes! You are very welcome to stand. You can stand for Churchwarden or Council Member. For the Church Council, we will propose 5 seats be reserved for All Saints, 5 for Holy Trinity, 1 for Grace Church and 1 for Anglican Church Zwolle.

David or Grant will be able to inform you about the office and process and have the necessary forms at hand.

How and where can I get more information?
About one week before the AGM you will receive the agenda and agenda papers by email. If you have any question, you can contact your wardens.

We are looking forward to meeting you there!

Adrian Los & Peter Boswijk