Annual General Meeting update with forms

Finally, the HTC Annual General Meeting!

With corona virus, we have delayed our AGM this year as allowed by the Diocese.  Church law and the charity laws in the Netherlands require that we have one this year before the end of October, to affirm our financial statements for 2019 and budget for 2020.  It is also a yearly opportunity to those on the electoral role to vote for leadership of our church: wardens, Council members, Archdeaconry Synod representatives.  It is also a time to reflect on our year and the activities and mission of our chaplaincy.  We need a bigger place to meet than our church, given its current seating restrictions, so the date and time and location has been set for 5:30pm Sunday 25 October at Tuindorpkerk, Professor Suringarlaan 1, 3571 WH Utrecht.  More important information and downloadable application forms below the picture!

The Tuindorpkerk
Announcement of AGM
Announcement of election of Wardens

Important information:

Anyone on the Electoral Roll will be able to vote or stand for office. If you are not completely sure you are on the Roll please contact David Volmer ( or Sheila Kooijman ( The Roll closes for a period of 2 weeks before the AGM. All forms must be received by Oct. 10th. Information and forms can be found on:

At our AGM we will elect or appoint the following officers:

  • 2 Church Wardens until the next AGM
  • 6 Council Members until the next AGM·
  • 3 Archdeaconry Synod Representatives for 2020-2022 who will also be ex-officio members of Chaplaincy Council for that entire period.

A more detailed explanation of the roles can be found here, in our pre-covid post on the AGM.

Anyone who feels called to be candidate for one of these offices is required to fill in one of the forms that you can download below. Please note that that if you currently hold any of these positions, you are still required to stand. Please submit your forms to our Office Administrator David Vollmer or to Secretary to the Council, Simon Urquhart. If you have any questions before standing please feel free to contact David Phillips, one of the Wardens or any member of Chaplaincy Council.
This year’s deadline is October 17th. At our AGM of 2019 a resolution was passed that all nominations for posts shall be received by the Secretary at least 8 days prior to the date of the AGM. We do this in order to create transparency on who is standing, making it possible for attendees of the AGM to make an informed and thoughtful decision at the meeting.