A Brief Explanation of how we work as a Chaplaincy and how you can get involved as our Annual General Meeting approaches

Annual General Meeting

All levels of the Church of England are governed by a combination of clergy and lay leadership and the Annual General Meeting(AGM) is held once a year with the Chaplain, other clergy attached to the church and lay church members. We approve the last year’s accounts, accept the budget for the next and, importantly, appoint or elect our representatives. Representatives are the Council members, Churchwardens, Archdeaconry Synod  and, as at Holy Trinity Utrecht ,the members of the Charitable Giving Committee. We elect people to serve for one year, apart from those to the Archdeaconry, who serve for three years but you my stand again each year. 

The Electoral Roll

Every Chaplaincy has an Electoral Roll, open to those who are baptised and attend Holy Trinity Utrecht and being on the Roll entitles you to vote at the AGM. If you want to stand for Churchwarden or as member of Council, you must on the Electoral Roll. However, the Electoral Roll represents so much. It reflects the make-up and diversity of our congregation and used as an address list for our weekly newsletter. So if you are baptised and feel connected to our church, please enlist on the Roll. Entry onto the Roll closes on 3 weeks before the AGM, so to make sure you are on it or to newly enlist please email our Electoral Roll Officer at: electoralroll@holytrinityutrecht.nl

To download an electoral roll form please click here. (2023 form)

Council Members

Chaplaincy Council is made up from different groups: the elected members; ex-officio members, who are the Chaplain(s), Churchwardens and Archdeaconry Synod representatives. The Council meets about 6 times per year, usually on a weekday evening and discusses things around policy, finance, building and maintenance, support and other proposals related to our life together and the mission of our church. Council members are there to represent their congregation. They keep their eyes and ears open and represent the needs and concerns and joys of our Christian life in community. Council sometimes appoints smaller subcommittees, or working groups, to provide input to Council on particular issues. 

To download a Nomination Form for Council Member please click here. (2023 form)


The duties of Churchwardens in a Chaplaincy are described formally in the “Canons of the Church of England” and they are the legal officers of the Bishop, as well as representatives of church members and co-working with the Chaplain. They hold the ownership of all potable property of the church; oversee the day-to-day running of the Chaplaincy and are the signatories for official contracts. Please speak with one of our current wardens for more information and one of the Chaplains. I can provide a copy of a recent book called “Churchwardens: The Office and Role of Churchwarden in the 21st century”.

To download a Nomination Form to stand for churchwarden please click here. (2023 form)

The Charitable Giving Committee

The mandate of the Charitable Giving Committee is to select the charities supported by Holy Trinity Church Utrecht. It was set up about 16 years ago with three aims – to be able to respond quickly to emergency appeals; to give to local charities and to give to charities further afield, where there is a strong personal connection to church members. All proceeds for giving go to the charities. The Charitable Giving Committee plan the causes to be supported and provide information about them to the congregation. It meets as needed, but usually about 6 or 8 times per year and consists of 4 persons. Charitable Giving Committee members are elected at the AGM and new members can be nominated. 

To download a Nomination Form to stand for Charitable Giving Committee please click here. (2023 form)

Archdeaconry Synod

If you would like to represent the Chaplaincy at the Archdeaconry Synod, you need to be elected at the AGM.

To download a Nomination Form for Archdeaconry Synod representative, please click here. (2023 form)

Thinking of standing?

Please think and pray about serving Holy Trinity in one of these offices. You take on a responsibility and challenges can come your way. But it is also a privilege and a joy to work in God’s church. Should you decide to stand, you need to be nominated by two people. Nominations must be submitted by 8 days before the AGMs. If there are more people nominated than positions open, then there will be an election; if there are the same or fewer number nominated than positions open, then those nominated become Churchwardens, Council Members or Charitable Giving Committee members without an election.