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Confirmation Preparation begins 18 January!

Our next Confirmation will happen, God willing, in Holy Trinity Chaplaincy at 15.30 on Saturday 10th March AD 2018 at Heilig Kruiskerk, Liendertseweg 46, 3814 PL Amersfoort. Please contact the Chaplain if you or your son or daughter are interested in being prepared for Confirmation. In Confirmation Preparation we look through the Catechism in the Book of Common Prayer. Preparation for 2018 will happen on the following topics on the following days at 8pm (normally on Wednesdays but…

Chaplain’s Letter

Pilgrimage to Wittenberg On the 16 to 18 of November, eight pilgrims from Holy Trinity Utrecht made our way in two cars to Wittenberg Germany as part of the commemoration of the 500th year since the historic nailing of the 95 theses of Luther to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg. The Pilgrimage was organized by Heikki Rusama, a Finnish Lutheran who, with his family, has been attending Holy Trinity over the past couple years…

The 2017 Utrecht Lectures: Why did God become man?

Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Utrecht is hosting a self-supporting annual seminar bringing in lecturers from around the world to enliven and deepen our theological discussion. This year New Testament Scholar Dr Crispin Fletcher-Louis will be visiting the Netherlands in September and will offer a 2-day seminar on ‘Why did God become man?’, Friday 22 September 10-5pm and Saturday 23 September 10-5pm, both at Holy Trinity Utrecht.  Click for more information.

Playgroup Starts at Holy Trinity this September!

Friday mornings starting 1 September! Playgroup gives children a chance to have fun and to develop and increase their social skills in a safe environment. Playgroup also provides parents/carers with an opportunity to talk, relax, and share parenting joys and challenges in an accepting community. This playgroup is multicultural and is open to people of all faiths and none.

Chaplain’s Letter: Retreating from the World

This months Chaplain’s Letter is written by the Rev David Phillips, Utrecht Chaplain Summer is upon us once again and with the fair weather we turn our minds to holidays! The word “holidays” comes from “holy days”, which was, in an earlier age, a reason for taking time off from work, on days other than the Sunday Sabbath.  Or in the past, in Europe, there were more extended “holi-days” for those who chose to go…

Talks on Contemplating God

Holy Trinity Utrecht Retreat: Contemplating God This Weekend, 10-12 March, the students have organized a retreat for students at the Holy Trinity Utrecht Parsonage (van Hogendorpstraat 26, Utrecht) with a focus on Contemplating God.  The weekend is for students but they are inviting anyone in the chaplaincy or beyond who is interested to attend the three talks.  If any one or all of these are of interest to you, please feel free to come! 1…

Fasting and Feasting in Lent

Why would we do this? We know what the garden looks like after a winter of silence – the ground is a little more compacted than last year, and perhaps the nutrients have been diminished from the previous year’s growth.  In the same way, if we are not changing our routine, or thinking about growth in the spiritual life consciously, we can become a little complacent, compacted and dry.  Lent can be a time to…

Roadmap for Independence

On January 21, AD 2017 the Chaplaincy Council and the Task Force for an Anglican Church in Amersfoort (TACA) met with Archdeacon Paul Vrolijk to agree on the steps to take for Holy Trinity Utrecht and All Saints Amersfoort to become independent chaplaincies by AGM in the Spring of 2019. This is simply to lay out the specific practical steps to meet the plan set out in our Vision for a Church Plant in Amersfoort,…

The Anglican Way of Prayer / De Anglicaanse manier van bidden

This article on prayer was given by the Chaplain of Utrecht in response to a request to present an Anglican reflection on prayer at the Ecumenical Pastorsdag held during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity on 17 January AD 2017 (the talk is also available on this page in Dutch, thanks to Erik Heemskerk). Next month we will return to Anglicanism: A Gift in Christ, Part 5: A worldwide Church.

Christian Classics Study Group – Hadewijch – 3 Feb AD 2017

Renske Hoff is currently doing a Doctorate on Hadewijch – she has agreed to lead our next Christian Classics Study Group on Friday 3 February! She writes: “While reading those three texts, I think it might be interesting for you to observe and think about Hadewijch’s notion of ‘Love’. What does this mean, how is it connected to her notion of ‘God’ and the human soul, and how is it connected to love between human beings? I am looking forward to your ideas about this: scholars do not yet agree.”