Bible Study on Christ in the Old Testament

Daleen Bakker is leading a Bible Study over the internet using Zoom.  The 5 week study is on Christ in the Old Testament.  God willing, it will begin this coming Thursday night (23 April).  Daleen has provided this overview:

TopicDateMain text(s)description
Gods promise of a Saviour throughout the OT23-04Gen 3:15When you open your Bible you immediately start reading about how humans are failing to be God’s image bearers when they eat the forbidden fruit. But then God makes humanity a big promise in Genesis 3:15. This promise that God will send someone who will bring salvation becomes as a red thread throughout the Bible. To get an overview about this promise, we will go through the Old Testament in a bird’s eye view.
Jesus as Prophet:
30-04Deut 18:18,19Matthew 2:13-23, 3:13-4:11Jesus is our prophet, our priest and our king and we will explore how this depiction is anticipated in the OT. In this study we will look at how Matthew is presenting Jesus as Moses 2.0.
Jesus as Priest:
sacrifice and atonement
07-05Lev 16:11-22Hebrews 9:11-28An important part of Israel’s religion was the sacrificial system. With this Bible study we will ask the question why this came to be like that and how Jesus is both the ultimate sacrifice and our high priest.
Jesus as King
David’s son
14-052 Samuel 7One of the names often used for Jesus is ‘son of David’. This is an important concept in messianic prophesies and with this study we will take a close look at the promise God made to David.
Jesus’ 1st & 2nd coming21-05Yet to be definedAs you know, there are prophesies about Jesus’ first coming and about his second coming. How do you know whether a prophesy was regarded his first coming or his second? With this study we will dive into the things we still can expect from our Saviour. 

Please contact her if you are interested in attending:  and she will provide you a Zoom link.