Men’s Group

Final Men’s Evening of 2016

Saturday October 29 2016: The OUT of Up, In, and Out How about rounding off 2016 with one final Men’s Evening before we are overtaken by dark mornings, dark nights, and holiday bustle? And let’s not make it too plodding or academic…   So, what shall we do? At All Saints our Strategic motto is: “Up, In, and Out” referring to our worship and prayer relationship with our Lord (Up), our need to focus on fellowship and…

Rehabilitating Adam – Just in time for Father’s Day

So, why do we think so poorly of Adam? A reading of the raw words of the Bible doesn’t. I mean, they could, but may I suggest for a moment that we are projecting our own weaknesses and the weaknesses of those around us on a man who – in reality – was actively and thoughtfully trying to do the right thing, rather than being passively complicit in the wrong thing. That would be astonishing, but I think it may even be true.

Is Christ the only way? Men’s Evening

Our next Men’s Group meeting will be on the 2nd of April at Bert Meeuwsen’s home in Amersfoort (click article for details). There we will continue with the theme of how to bring others to Christ by answering a common objection: “How can you be so arrogant as to think that Christ is the only way?”
These get-togethers start around 18:00 with a drink and then an opening prayer at 18:30. After that we engage with our topic in the form of a participative debate. Somewhere in the evening we have dinner and come back together for a wrap-up and a parting prayer around 10:00 or 10:30… at which time most of us hang around and continue the discussion!

Men’s Group – Meets Jan 23, 2016

Christian Men’s Group Meets in January 2016 What: “The problem of Evil and Suffering” especially as it pertains to bringing others to Christ When: January 23rd at 18:00 Where: Treekerweg 2a, Leusden (David and Nora Westerbeek van Eerten’s home) Who: Christian Men (come to think of it… any men are welcome!) Why: For fellowship with our brothers and exploration of our faith… good food, good drinks, it’s all good! How: You will have the opportunity…