Chaplaincy News (Page 3)

2019: The year the Electoral Roll is renewed

ELECTORAL ROLL 2019 The Chaplaincy Electoral Roll must be completely renewed for 2019, which means everyone who wants to be a voting member of Holy Trinity Chaplaincy must be recorded. This allows you to vote at the Annual Church Meeting, offer yourself for election to Council or various formal committees or as an officer, such as Churchwarden. It is also important for the Chaplaincy that we have accurate information. The number of members on the…

Chaplains’ AGM Addresses

This month, in place of the Chaplain’s Letter, we have the addresses that the chaplains gave at the AGM. This means that this page is very long. We start with the report on Groningen and then continue with Amersfoort, followed by Zwolle and ending with Utrecht. Chaplain’s Report on Groningen for Chaplaincy Annual Meeting 2018 The Reverend Sam Van Leer  ‘There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.’ (Ecclesiastes…

Christian Classics Friday 9 February – The Heidelberg Catechism

The Heidelberg Catechism (1563) is a well-known Protestant confession of faith.  It is one of the many catechisms in the form of questions and answers that were written in the 16th century and without doubt the most famous one in the Dutch Reformed Context.  Despite the caricatures that have been made of it, it is still an astonishing rich theological document.  Given its strong association with the Reformed tradition, it may be a surprise that it…

The 2017 Utrecht Lectures: Why did God become man?

Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Utrecht is hosting a self-supporting annual seminar bringing in lecturers from around the world to enliven and deepen our theological discussion. This year New Testament Scholar Dr Crispin Fletcher-Louis will be visiting the Netherlands in September and will offer a 2-day seminar on ‘Why did God become man?’, Friday 22 September 10-5pm and Saturday 23 September 10-5pm, both at Holy Trinity Utrecht.  Click for more information.

Playgroup Starts at Holy Trinity this September!

Friday mornings starting 1 September! Playgroup gives children a chance to have fun and to develop and increase their social skills in a safe environment. Playgroup also provides parents/carers with an opportunity to talk, relax, and share parenting joys and challenges in an accepting community. This playgroup is multicultural and is open to people of all faiths and none.

Roadmap for Independence

On January 21, AD 2017 the Chaplaincy Council and the Task Force for an Anglican Church in Amersfoort (TACA) met with Archdeacon Paul Vrolijk to agree on the steps to take for Holy Trinity Utrecht and All Saints Amersfoort to become independent chaplaincies by AGM in the Spring of 2019. This is simply to lay out the specific practical steps to meet the plan set out in our Vision for a Church Plant in Amersfoort,…

Confirmation: March 2017

Our next Confirmation in the Chaplaincy will happen, God willing, on Saturday 25th March AD 2017 when Bishop Robert Innes will visit us in Amersfoort and Utrecht. If you are interested in confirmation for yourself or for your son or daughter, please contact one of our chaplains, David Phillips (06 124 104 31) or Grant Crowe (06 299 723 03), who would be most pleased to speak with you. Preparing for Confirmation is an opportunity…

Rehabilitating Adam – Just in time for Father’s Day

So, why do we think so poorly of Adam? A reading of the raw words of the Bible doesn’t. I mean, they could, but may I suggest for a moment that we are projecting our own weaknesses and the weaknesses of those around us on a man who – in reality – was actively and thoughtfully trying to do the right thing, rather than being passively complicit in the wrong thing. That would be astonishing, but I think it may even be true.