Charitable giving in April

The two charities we support this month are Tikani Peru  and  the Kigama School Feeding Program.

The recent photographs of the work of Tikani are courtesy of Debby van Rotterdam.

Tikani is a Peruvian development organization specializing in social development projects aimed at the weakest in society. Debby van Rotterdam’s brother resides there and bears witness to the effectiveness of this organization. Corona virus has also hit this area and, as you can see, Tikani are delivering food to the most vulnerable in lockdown in their shacks. 
Please help us support them. Donations can be made to the Holy Trinity Charity account (NL92TRIO0197723861).

 The  second charity is Kigama School breakfast club in rural Kenya provides daily porridge to school children who otherwise would go hungry. Ex-congregation member Priscila Rodriguez worked at this school for a while and help start the program.