Charitable Givings Update

This was submitted by Sheila Kooijman

I want to thank you and through you Holy Trinity Church for your unwavering and faithful support to the school feeding program. Our estimates are that it costs USD 5 to feed a child for a year, your donations last year helped to feed 220 children, who got breakfast every single day they went to school. The donations from Holy Trinity Church were a life line. Last year we spent less than previous years. This is because, as you may know, in 2017 there were presidential elections, the result was disputed by the opposition and the Supreme Court ordered a new election. This created a lot of uncertainty and tension and, given the deadly election violence that happened almost 10 years ago, the government decided to close the schools early, in October, which meant that the feeding program ran for 3 months less that it normally does.
God bless you!