Every Sunday there is a creche offered for the care of infants during the service.  Parents are most welcome to stay with their infants in the creche or to bring their children into the church.  The creche and Children’s church are located in the Parsonage Hall right next to the church on van Hogendorpstraat 26.  The children begin there (except on the 1st Sunday of the month) and are led over to the church midway through the service (after the Service of the Word and the prayers, normally they come into the church at the Offertory Hymn) and remain with their parents for the last part of the service.

Holy Trinity Church has a strict safeguarding policy.  All adults working with the children are vetted and are in possession of a Verklaring omtrent gedrag (a declaration that they do not have a criminal record) from all countries they have been a resident in.