Christian Classics: Ambrose of Milan: On the Christian Faith 

The first of two evenings of Christian Classics this autumn is on Friday October 11th.

“Aurelius Ambrosius (c. 340–397), better known in English as Ambrose, was a bishop of Milan who became one of the most influential ecclesiastical figures of the 4th century.” [Wikipedia] He was a staunch defender of orthodoxy (Nicene Christianity) against Arianism in the Church. He is one of the four Western “Doctors of the Church” (along with Augustine, Jerome and Gregory the Great). He is said to have been largely responsible for the conversion of St Augustine through his helping Augustine to see the sophistication of the Word beyond the letter – not just a literal interpretation but also a moral and mystical meanings of the Bible.

We will look at Ambrose’s work On the Christian Faith which is a core summary of our faith and how to apply our faith in our lives. The Rev Dr Jos Strengholt will present and guide our discussions.

Dinner at 6:30pm, talk at 8pm

Please let David Vollmer-Laarman know if you are coming so we can prepare enough materials and also if you intend to come for supper beforehand so we know how many meals to prepare for: