Christian Classics: Epistle to Diognetus

Our second evening of Christian Classics for this autumn takes place on Friday November 8th.
Once again it will be led by Fr Strengholt. On the evening we will each receive a copy of the text. Fr Strengholt will give us a background on the work and then guide us in our reading of the text.

The Epistle to Diognetus is an early document written between 130 to 200 AD, its writer is unknown. It is an example of very early Christian apologetical writing defending Christianity from its accusers. The writer claims to be a disciple of the Apostles, so may have sat at the feet of St John!

These are the subjects of the twelve chapters of the Epistle:

I Occasion of the Epistle
II The Vanity of Idols
III Superstitions of the Jews
IV The Other Observances of the Jews
V The Manners of the Christians
VI The Relation of Christians to the World
VII: The Manifestation of Christ
VIII: The Miserable State of Men Before the Coming of the Word
IX Why the Son Was Sent So Late
X The Blessings that Will Flow from Faith
XI These Things are Worthy to Be Known and Believed
XII The Importance of Knowledge to True Spiritual Life.

Dinner at 6:30pm, talk at 8pm

Please let David Vollmer-Laarman know if you are coming so we can prepare enough materials and also if you intend to come for supper beforehand so we know how many meals to prepare for: