Christian Classics Study Group: Gregory of Nyssa’s The Life of Moses

This Wednesday 21  of March we will be led through this classic spiritual work of Gregory of Nyssa by the Rev Jos Strengholt.

The Evening begins at 8pm (no supper this time) at the Parsonage.  (There is a service of Holy Communion from 7-7:40pm beforehand at the Church.)  We will each receive a copy of the text, The Life of Moses, and a short workbook.  Fr Strengholt will give us a background on Gregory of Nyssa and then will guide us in our reading of the text.  [There is no need to read ahead of time, but here is a link to a downloadable pdf copy of the Life of Moses with a good introduction.]

I hope you can join us. Please let David Vollmer know if you are coming so that we can prepare enough materials:

Gregory of Nyssa is one of the four Eastern “Doctors of the Church”.  He was brother of St Macrina and St Basil the Great.  He lived from 335-394 AD in Asia Minor and became a bishop in a small town called Nyssa and is considered one of the founders of mystical theology in the Church.  His work, The Life of Moses, takes us through an allegorical and spiritual reading of Moses’ life from the accounts in Exodus and Numbers giving profound spiritual insights.

“It is particularly amazing to me that Gregory of Nyssa uses only the story of Moses to illuminate nearly everything we need to understand to live a virtuous, believing, faith-filled life. The great strength of this timeless text is that readers leave it with the desire — and the newfound ability — to be better people.” [from Silas House’s foreward to his translation.]

This is the first of a series of evenings over the next year on early Church writings, led by the Rev Jos Strengholt.