Christian Classics Study Group – Jan 15, 2016

19th Century Russian
Christian Classics
Friday January 15, AD 2016

CCSG-RussianChurch (1)Our next Christian Classics Study Group is next Friday January 15 6:30-9:30pm at the parsonage Hall.   Erik Heemskerk will introduce and guide our discussion.

1.  Erik will give a brief introduction to what is characteristic about modern (19th) Russian Literature and what is particular about its Orthodox Christian character.

2.  We look primarily at THE GRAND INQUISITOR, which is an extract from Fyodor Dostoevsky’s celebrated novel, The Brothers Karamazof.  It can  download free here in English Translation:
or at
Here is a dramatization with John Gielgud on YouTube!
Here is a German audio recording.
(Here’s a short 6 minute YouTube video of Rowan Williams speaking about Dostoevsky.)

CCSG-tolstoy_1591046c3.  We will look also at some short stories by Leo Tolstoy (freely available English translations downloadable at these sites):
English text:
An audio version in (American) English:
There is also a Russian 1918 silent film adaptation (with English subtitles that can be turned on or off):

An audio version in (American) English on YouTube is found here or on Libravox in German here.

Erik writes that,

“I’ve also been thinking about which story from Tolstoy is best to pick, because a lot of his stories are quite straight forward and have just a very good point. But I think these two (noted above) are both beautiful to read and interesting to discuss.

“I think the amount of pages to read will be around 170, so I think that’s enough to have good discussion and not too much to read.

“I had quite a lot of trouble making my choice.  So maybe we can suggest other stories which are not obliged reading. Like THE DEATH OF IVAN ILYICH‘, about which I have heard that it’s obliged in a philosophical medical course at the University.”
See English text here:
See Audio in (American) English:

We begin with dinner at 6:30pm, discussion 8 to 9:30, concluding with fellowship.
All are most welcome!

Please let Hanna know if you’re coming so we can plan the dinner.

Erik HeemskerkErik Heemskerk, is our Student Ministry Coordinator, and will be leading our next Christian Classics Study Group.  Erik is finishing his bachelor’s degree in Law and History and hopes to start his Master’s degree in International Relations in February.