Christian Classics Study Group: Learning the Gospel by Heart


On Friday 7 December Anna van Laere has been invited to speak about the tradition of learning the bible by heart – in her case the Gospel According to Mark.  She will tell something about the group she is a part of that learns to memorize the texts together and to music. And she will sing a little part of Marc’s Gospel.  The evening will be in Dutch and English.


Anna will share with us:

  • The early history of memorising the Bible; the oral tradition (including Pachomius, a Egyptian desert father)
  • How Bernard Frinking started up the tradition of memorising the bible again. He did this in France.
  • How Anna found her way into Bernard’s group.
  • How Anna learnt the bible texts by heart – here we (guests) can join in to give memorising a try.
  • About the recital calendar and how this is connected to most of the Jewish festivals.
  • About the stages in spiritual development in the Gospel of Mark.
  • Anna will recite (sing) some small parts of the Gospel of Mark in Dutch and in French – she will also try to prepare a part in English.


There is a little booklet that Anna will hand out to participants for free:

“Mondelinge overlevering van het Evangelie van Markus als pedagogie van de Heer”, by Adelbert Roessingh.

The evening begins with a supper at 18:30 at the Parsonage Hall.  The talk will begin at 20:00.  Please let us know if you are attending the supper and if you attending the talk, so that we can prepare sufficient food and have enough booklets.  Contact David Vollmer-Laarman: