Christian Classics Study Group: St Basil on Fasting – THIS FRIDAY 14 June

Saint Basil the Great (also called Basil of Caesarea) lived from 330 to 379 AD.  He was born into a wealthy family and with four siblings, all of whom were later declared saints in the Orthodox Church.  He, his brother, Gregory of Nyssa, and his lifelong friend Gregory of Nazianzus, were declared 3 of the 4 “Doctors of the Church” by the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Basil was influential in the development of the doctrine of the Church concerning the divinity of the Holy Spirit and the nature of Christ as “one substance with the Father” – which became the position agreed upon at the Council of Constantinople in 360 AD and that we express in the Nicene Creed.

St Basil is known especially for his care for the poor – for having given away all his wealth to the poor and for the established in his diocese of Ceasarea a Basiliad, a place for feeding and housing and healing of the poor and the elderly, with a hospice, a hospital and a school.  He is also important in the development of the monastic life and as a creator of liturgy (Eucharistic Prayer F in Common Worship is influenced by the Liturgy of St Basil).

Basil was a prolific preacher, sometimes preaching every day in the morning and evening in his cathedral.

The Rev Dr Jos Strengholt will teach us and lead our discussion.

  • What:    We will look at two of St Basil’s sermons on the subject of fasting. Books will be provided on the evening if you do not have the text.
  • When:    Friday 14 June AD 2019: supper begins at 6:30pm, the talk and discussion begins at 8:00pm
  • Where:   The Parsonage, van Hogendorpstraat 26.

Please let me know ( if you are planning to attend the dinner so we can be prepared.