HTC People

Revd Ruan Crew

Ruan is married to Lisette and has three (mostly) grown-up children. Originally from the UK, he graduated in Physics at the University of Bristol, going on to teach English as a foreign language in various countries and later working with mission agencies OMF International and IFES Nederland. He was ordained in 2010 in the Diocese of Bristol, was chaplain of St James Voorschoten from 2013 to 2022, and has been Area Dean of the Netherlands since 2018.…

Revd Sam Van Leer

Our Associate Chaplain, Sam Van Leer, was licensed to Holy Trinity Utrecht in October 2011 to serve Groningen.  Though American, Sam has, to date, served his entire ordained ministry in the Diocese in Europe.  He was Chaplain to the East Netherlands Group (Arnhem-Nijmegen and Twente) from 2005 to 2011, and an Assistant Curate at St Ursula’s Bern, in Switzerland, before that (2002-2005). A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Sam was born and raised in the southern…

David Vollmer-Laarman

Working Days: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Office hours: Tuesday & Thursday 10:00-14:00
Available for phone calls / and to make appointments with our priest: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 9am-2pm

The deadline for notices and other contributions for service sheets is the Tuesday before.

Officers, Council and Leadership Teams 2023/24

Holy Trinity Chaplaincy has four church congregations: Holy Trinity Utrecht, All Saints’ Amersfoort, Zwolle Anglican Church and Grace Church Groningen. There is a Council that oversees the chaplaincy and each congregation has a Leadership Team. Click “Read Biography” below to find out who is on each of these bodies, elected at our Annual General Meetings in the Spring.

Kristen Postma

The protection from harm of children and adults who may be vulnerable is of paramount importance to us. As a chaplaincy within the Diocese of Europe, we comply fully with the requirements of the Diocese’s Safeguarding Policy.  For more information on our Safeguarding Policy, please click here.

Freek Elbers

Freek is 51 years old, married, the father of three children, and lives in the Hague.  He was baptised and raised in the Roman Catholic Church and has also led music in churches of other denominations.  He studied organ and piano at the Utrecht Conservatory and then choral conducting under various mentors.  He has been a teacher of music at a primary school and high school.  In 2016, he founded and continues to conduct “The…