HTC People (Page 2)

Nathan Bunt

Hello, my name is Nathan Bunt and I am responsible for the teen work in Holy trinity Church Utrecht. I have been involved in teen work for many years, both at my former church in Rotterdam as well as in Holy Trinity Church Utrecht.  On Sundays we have a monthly teen service during the regular service and we also gather on a week day ones a month. I am doing the teen ministry with 3…

Daniëlle Los

Danielle has an interest and a gift in Prayer Ministry. She has been engaged in healing and prayer ministry over the past few years at Holy Trinity both on Sundays and in pastoral encounters with individuals with the Chaplain and more recently at the New Wine Summer Conference in the Netherlands. Danielle has taken (and organized) courses offered through the New Wine movement, a course in prayer ministry from Gebeds Pastoraat and with the support of the Church Council she has now begun a three year course of studies in Contextual Pastoral Care at Stichting Koinonia in the Netherlands.

Harry Barrowclough

I am a retired medical specialist who moved to the Netherlands in 1974 to pursue specialist training at the University of Amsterdam. I have always had a sense of pastoral calling, something which influenced my choice of career. As a doctor I am used to listening to personal problems and dealing with them in a completely confidential way. Over time my sense of pastoral calling has become stronger and stronger and I now feel blessed…

Frank Boneschanscher

Frank is Sacristan at Holy Trinity.  He is responsible for overseeing the training and organizing the altar servers, for the ordering of supplies for our worship and generally to see that all things are done decently and in order.  He is also a member of the Building and Maintenance Committee, which is, among other things, in the process of renovating our vestry.  If you would like to serve at the altar or to assist in other ways…

Anne Miechielsen

Anne coordinates The Prayer Chain ministry of intercession in our church.  She has a passion for gardening and makes the church grounds come alive with colour and variety.  Anne also is involved in the beautifying of our church with flower arrangements to God’s greater glory.  If you would like to be involved in any of these ministries, please contact her.