Confirmation Preparation begins 18 January!

Our next Confirmation will happen, God willing, in Holy Trinity Chaplaincy
at 15.30 on Saturday 10th March AD 2018
at Heilig Kruiskerk, Liendertseweg 46, 3814 PL Amersfoort.

Please contact the Chaplain if you or your son or daughter
are interested in being prepared for Confirmation.

In Confirmation Preparation we look through the Catechism in the Book of Common Prayer.
Preparation for 2018 will happen on the following topics on the following days at 8pm
(normally on Wednesdays but sometimes on Thursday):

1 Thursday 18 January – What is Confirmation?
2 Wednesday 24 January – Renunciation of Evil (the devil, the world, the flesh)
3 Wednesday 31 January – Who is God? (The Apostles’ Creed)
4 Wednesday 7th February – Following God (The Ten Commandments/Great Commandments)
5 Thursday 15th February – Prayer (The Lord’s Prayer)
6 Wednesday 21 February – The Sacraments
7 Wednesday 7 March – The Church and a Rule of Life

There is an expectation that candidates will attend church on Sundays in preparation.

For more information on Confirmation please click here.