Daily Meditations on Old and New Testament readings

As part of our ministry to stay connected during this corona virus pandemic and to grow as disciples of Jesus, we have begun to offer daily meditations on the Old and New Testament readings from Morning prayer. You will find the meditations BY CLICKING HERE.

Daleen Bakker, has offered to give us daily mediations on the Gospel according to John. She has training in theology and is currently studying agriculture. Daleen has recently returned to the Netherlands early because of the pandemic from a four month internship in Zimbabwe. While studying agricultural projects there, she was asked by local churches to preach the Gospel and to lead Bible studies. We are grateful for her gifts of devotion to Jesus and enthusiasm to share His Word.

Daleen begins this week on our website with two background meditations to introduce us to John’s Gospel and to get us caught up with where we are in the daily New Testament readings at Morning Prayer. You can read the passage before listening or listen to Morning Prayer and then hear her reflection or just listen to the meditation. Thanks Daleen for this initiative and this introduction to John’s Gospel and inspiring us in our Lenten Pilgrimage!

On the same webpage you will find daily meditations on the Old Testament readings from Morning Prayer (recently Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers), given by our Chaplain.