We are conforming to guidlines provided by the Bishops of the Diocese in Europe. Where the Government of the Netherlands has lesser restrictions, we are allowed to comply with them. In the Netherlands, the Government has discussed with the CIO (Interkerkelijk Contact in Overhedszaken) to come up with “Routekaart Kerken” with how to safely return as risks lessen. Here is a summary of our current provisions:

  1. You should not come to the service if you are experiencing any symptoms related to covid-19 – cough, sore throat, fever. If you do cough or sneeze in the service, you should do that into a tissue and throw out the tissue and cleanse your hands.
  2. The wearing of masks is compulsory  when moving about in the church.
  3. When you come to Holy Trinity Church you are asked, if possible, to bring your own personal bottle of hand sanitizer. When you arrive you should use the sanitizer you have or from the bottle provided at the entrance.
  4. You will notice that the pews are marked out for where you can sit with a red heart. The steward will assist in finding you a place.
  5. Do not sit directly next to the aisle, so as to ensure sufficient distance from people walking along it.
  6. The liturgy/hymn sheet for the service will be already in those places marked out in the pews. They have not been used for at least 48 hours and handled only with sterilized hands so will be clean.
  7. The sharing of the Peace of Christ will be done standing where we are without contact (except if you have come with someone from your household or as a couple).
  8. Communion is in one kind only – the consecrated bread, there will be no sharing of the cup. Anglican teaching has always been that, although it is clearly preferable to receive in both kinds, a person receives the fullness of Christ in either the host or the cup.
  9. During communion 3 people will come forward at a time to the altar rail and stand (or kneel, but only if you can do so without touching the altar rail) keeping apart, standing from the right to the left – then leaving in the opposite order. These three people will then return to their pews before the next three come forward. This way we will at all times keep a degree of distance. This distancing is not required if you are from the same household.
  10. The Chaplain will cleanse his hands with alcohol before preparing the altar. During the celebration of Holy Communion, the breads will remain covered, with the exception of the priest’s host and the cup, which only the priest will receive. Just before administering communion the priest will again wash his hands with alcohol. He will not touch peoples hands with his hand, only with the host. 
  11. We will leave the church without shaking hands.
  12. At each service we would ask for two volunteers to stay behind for a few minutes to wash down the surfaces (door, pews etc.) with alcohol in readiness for the next service.