Final Men’s Evening of 2016

Saturday October 29 2016: The OUT of Up, In, and Out

How about rounding off 2016 with one final Men’s Evening before we are overtaken by dark mornings, dark nights, and holiday bustle?

And let’s not make it too plodding or academic…   So, what shall we do?

At All Saints our Strategic motto is: “Up, In, and Out” referring to our worship and prayer relationship with our Lord (Up), our need to focus on fellowship and discipleship (In), and our need for service and evangelism toward the broader world (Out).  My suggestion is that we focus – again, as with the Islam evening – on “Out”.

This time, however, we will have a guest speaker; some of you know him: Pieter v/d Jagt.  He was most recently in Malawi teaching wood-working and furniture making and has a story worth telling.

Indeed, many of you do, too, so let’s make it an evening of sharing and inspiration!

This is what it could look like:

1)      Location: Scheg 1, 3863VD Nijkerk; please RSVP to me.

2)      Starting time: 18:00 on October 29th 2016 – BBQ with plenty of beef and a lot of salad so our wives don’t worry about us

3)      Ending time: it’s usually pretty late – 22:00?  Something like that.

4)      Subject matter: “The OUT of Up, In, and Out”

  1. Opening readings – what does the Bible say about Out?
  2. Storytelling and dialogue with Pieter v/d Jagt and his experiences in Malawi
  3. Additional sharing of Out experiences in the group

5)      Format:

  1. Arrival, drinks and food will be provided; Opening prayer
  2. Pieter v/d Jagt – Story + Q&A
  3. Additional Sharing of Out experiences
  4. Closing prayer

I very much hope to see you all there. If you would like to invite anyone, please do so, but let me know how many will be coming so I know how long to slave over the BBQ! 🙂