Godly Play

‘Godly Play’ is a very specific way of telling religious or Bible stories to children and adults. In Godly Play the text of the story is reduced to a bare minimum – leaving a lot of room for the individual imagination of the listener – and visuals are used to support the story.

Madeleine de Boer is our Godly Play Story teller: “When watching and listening to a Godly Play story/parable, it feels like entering into the bible and experiencing what is going on almost physically. So not so much ‘hearing’ bible stories, but ‘living’ bible stories: being there!”

Click the following links to watch on our Youtube channel our recent Godly Play Sunday stories:

1 De Schepping (in het Nederlands) (11 Nov 2020); The Creation (in English) (4 Oct 2020)

2 De vloed en de ark (in het Nederlands) (11 Oct 2020)

3 Abraham en Sarah (in het Nederlands) (18 Oct 2020)

4 Exodus! (in het Nederlands) (25 Oct 2020)

5 De tien beste manieren (in het Nederlands) (1 Nov 2020)

6 De ark en de tent (in het Nederlands) (8 Nov 2020)

7 De ark en de temple (in het Nederlands) (15 Nov 2020)

8 De verbanning en de verkeer (in het Nederlands) (22 Nov 2020)


Advent 1 – De profeten (in het Nederlands) (29 Nov 2020)

For more on Godly Play, see our webpage on this site by clicking here.