Godly Play

‘Godly Play’ is a very specific way of telling religious or Bible stories to children and adults. In Godly Play the text of the story is reduced to a bare minimum – leaving a lot of room for the individual imagination of the listener – and visuals are used to support the story.

Madeleine de Boer is our Godly Play Story teller: “When watching and listening to a Godly Play story/parable, it feels like entering into the bible and experiencing what is going on almost physically. So not so much ‘hearing’ bible stories, but ‘living’ bible stories: being there!”

To follow live-stream on Sunday mornings at 9am on Zoom, please click here.

For more on Godly Play and links to our previous Godly Play stories, see our webpage on this site by clicking here. To see all our previous Godly Play stories you can also go to our YouTube page (Holy Trinity Utrecht).