Gospel Band Holy Trinity Utrecht seeks new members

This message was submitted by Brian Fink-Jensen, member of the HTC worship band. 

Dear brothers and sisters,

Four years ago I received a Facebook message from Maria van Oordt. She felt a desire to start a worship group in Amersfoort, which I was happy to join. We started rehearsing a couple of times and some members were added to the band. Little did we know that a some months later, father David asked us to consider leading the music in the All Age Worship services. Ever since I have enjoyed playing music and singing in our services – a lot. I feel so privileged! The band has consisted of various members. Maria is now leading the music in All Saints Amersfoort. Trevor, John, Heikki and Linda have been a part of the worship band in the past year. Tomàs and Mayra have at times also joined us.

The same things are important to us now that were important four years ago. Which is that we long to do more than just make music and have fun together. We make music for the Lord, to praise Him and honour His name. Together we grow closer to Him by opening up our hearts for His Spirit. Music helps us opening up and speaking out the desires of our hearts. We long to support the congregation in doing so through leading the music.

We are currently looking for new musicians to join us. John and I will go on taking the services, Linda and Heikki are saying goodbye to us. So if you play any instrument (but especially the piano, bass guitar or percussion), or you are a singer, do get in touch with John [johnhoudijk@yahoo.com] or with me! [brianssen@hotmail.com] If you contact us we can rehearse a couple of times and see whether we make a good combination.

We lead two services each month (except during summer break). The first Sunday of the month is the All Age Worship service and the third Saturday of the month is the Prayer and Praise service. We rehearse once before each service (currently on Wednesday nights).

Kind regards,