Holy Trinity Council News

The new Church Council for 2015-2016 met for their first meeting last week (May 27), setting out some of the programme for the forthcoming year and electing the officers.

The Council is made up of 16 clergy and lay members, some of whom we elected at the Annual Church Meeting in April, and some who have places “ex-officio” because of other roles they take in our Church.

Clergy:        The Rev David Phillips, Chaplain,  The Rev Sam van Leer, Associate Chaplain

Wardens:    Adrian Los, Rosemarie Strengholt

Elected:       Patrick Elenbaas, Peter Gillies, Maryon Jägers, Paul Kooijman, Sheila Kooijman, Henk Korff, Judy Miller, Judith Riet, Simon Urquhart, Lodewijk Westerbeek van Eerten

The Archdeaconery Representatives, who are ex officio members of Council, are:
Peter Boswijk, Adrian Los, Sandra Sue, Rosemarie Strengholt

The Council elected Sandra as Treasurer and Simon as Secretary, with Debbie Los as vice-Treasurer and Adrian as Lay Chair.

The Council appointed to the Building Maintenance Committee:
Frank Boneschanscher, Mamolepa Borgdorff, Adrian Los, Simon Urquhart

The Council also appointed to the Charitable Givings Committee:
Gonny Eijkelenboom, Sheila Kooijman, Debby Los, Susan van der Werff

Do remember that your Council members are there, both to assist in the business of running our church and to represent you, so if you have any questions or issues you can always talk to them.  All on Council take on various other roles within our Church community, often working with other church members: Newsletter; Safeguarding; Outreach; Children; Choir; Lay Ministry; Taskforce for the Anglican church in Amersfoort (TACA); Ecumenical work with other Protestant and other churches; Student liaison and ministry; Sacristy work, Electoral Roll; charitable giving; buildings and fabric – the list goes on!

Over the coming year we will let you all know what is going on through our website and with special articles and we ask for your prayers in our service to Holy Trinity.