Holy Week & Easter Worship AD 2016

PalmSundayPalm Sunday (March 20):
9am Sung Communion (English)
11am Choral Communion (English)
with visiting choir: The King’s Voices from King’s College Cambridge
7pm  Viewing of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ (Parsonage)

We begin marching triumphantly into Jerusalem following Jesus singing Hosanna! and then soon hear the horror of his passion and death on the Cross.

Holy Monday (Mar 21), Holy Tuesday (Mar 22) and
Holy Wednesday (Mar 23):
8pm Sung Compline (English) with short meditations by Wim Kuiper.

At these quiet reflective services we hear read the passion of our Lord according to Mark (Monday and Tuesday) and Luke (Wednesday).

Maundy Thursday (March 24):
8pm  Sung Communion with washing of feet (English)

This Choral Communion service celebrates the institution of the Lord’s Supper.  We begin with a burst of joy but the mood soon changes and we conclude with the stripping of the Altar and departing in silence.

Good Friday (March 25):
9am Matins with Reproaches (Dutch)
8pm Evensong with Litany and Reproaches (English)

On this blessed day we recall our Saviour’s death upon the Cross.  From this profound act, mercy and grace are made available to all humanity, creation turns.

Holy Saturday (Easter Eve) (March 26):
9am Matins (Dutch)

In this service on Holy Saturday we recall our Lord’s harrowing of hell.  It is a deep mystery and involves the promise of salvation for those who died in hope before the coming of our Lord.

ResurrectionStSaviourIstanbul28pm  Easter Vigil (March 26)
8pm Choral Communion  (English)

This Choral Communion service begins in darkness, the new fire is lit, the light is passed from candle to candle, the Exsultet is sung, we conclude in Divine light.  We enter the Mystery!

Easter Sunday (March 27):
 9am Sung Communion (Dutch)
11am Choral Communion (English)

Christ is risen indeed!
We celebrate with great joy!  

Easter Monday (March 28):
10am Sung Communion (Dutch)

The joy cannot be contained to Sunday…

Easter Tuesday (March 29):
10am Holy Communion (English)