Jewish Monument: Utrecht Remembers

Seventy years after the war there are plans to built a memorial to the 1,224 Jewish victims sent to the death camps from Utrecht.

The plan for theJoosd monument monument is a bronze shofar (a horn) next to a memorial wall with the 1224 names of the deported and murdered Jews of Utrecht (see above). The artist chosen is Amiran Djanasvili.

Churches and individuals have been given the opportunity to support this project – Holy Trinity Chaplaincy Council has recently approved a donation of €2,500 towards this project. The monument will be set up at the entrance to the Railway Museum as that was the station from which these people were sent. It is hoped that this project will be ready for unveiling on Memorial Day next year (2015).

The organizers offer individuals the opportunity to symbolically adopt a name on the monument. You can make a donation to this account: NL26 RABO 0113 8425 70 in the name of Stichting Joods Monument Utrecht. For more information, in Dutch, see: